Initiation 2017

My new collection will be exhibited at Initiation 2017 in Munich along side 12 artists. Initiation seeks to present jewellery as a object to be worn and not just for show. The focus of the pieces show the journey of transformation by using jewellery techniques.

The show includes the following artists: Aleksandra Atanasovski, Petra Bole, Gabriele Hinze, Marietta Karamaria, Renata Manganelli, Lital Mendel, Ludwig Menzel, Julika Müller, Constance Marie Pretorius, Loukia Richards, Marian Sturkenboom, Anna Fanigina Verba, Xenia Walschikow, Christoph Ziegler.

The show will take place on the 8 – 11 March 2017 at GALERIE FLORIAN TRAMPLER, Oskar von Miller Ring 29, 22222 Munich.